LEFTLANEBRAIN was created to make automotive ownership and troubleshooting accessible to everyone! We are dedicated to providing resources which you can rely on to become a self-sufficient and a successful vehicle owner. There is limited advertising, if any. No spam email. No click bait. Just helpful information (Hopefully).


Searching for accurate and useful information becomes more and more difficult every day, as the internet fills up with “Click Bait” and misconceptions. Left Lane Brain was inspired by friends and family who believe the world could benefit from a resource dedicated to helping fellow car owners and enthusiasts solve problems on their own, and gain the satisfaction of knowing that the job was done right. Here at Left Lane Brain, we also know that society and our education system does not give people the tools and information they need to maintain and own automobiles, even though for millions of people cars are an essential part of life. This forces people to rely on dealers and mechanics for even the simplest tasks. We strive to give you the information you need to break this cycle. Chances are, you can do it yourself!

We have a little bit of everything! Sometimes you’ll see basic car care articles. Sometimes it’s interesting information, or step-by-step how-to articles. Sometimes it’s complicated thermodynamics that teach you the fundamentals. Hopefully you’ll check out a little bit of each and broaden your scope and knowledge!

Our Story

Left Lane Brain was created in 2015 and is based in Decatur, AL. We are a small business run by the Rabideau family with the strict purpose of helping people avoid the cost and inconvenience of breaking down, or becoming victims of misinformation and unscrupulous mechanics. We do have day jobs, so we use our free time to bring this information to you. This means we can use your support! If you have ideas or would like to contribute articles or information which you believe can help people, please leave us a comment or contact us! You can also help by sharing us with your friends, family and coworkers! Thank You!

About the Author

Tim Rabideau is a Chemical and Bio-molecular Engineer by trade. He has worked in multiple industries, and his experience includes fiber optic manufacturing, pulp and paper, polysilicon and semiconductor manufacturing, and the petrochemical industry. He has applied his engineering background toward his hobby of accurately troubleshooting, restoring and improving automobiles. He has over a decade of experience supporting multiple automotive fields.

Troubleshooting With Your Senses was made a reality with the support of people from these other family run businesses.


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