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Mission Statement

Left Lane Brain was created to make automotive ownership and troubleshooting accessible to everyone! We are dedicated to providing resources which you can rely on to become a self-sufficient and a successful vehicle owner.

Searching for accurate and useful information becomes more and more difficult every day, as the internet fills up with “Click Bait” and misconceptions. Left Lane Brain was inspired by friends and family who believe the world could benefit from a resource dedicated to helping fellow car owners and enthusiasts solve problems on their own, and gain the satisfaction of knowing that the job was done right. Here at Left Lane Brain, we also know that society and our education system does not give people the tools and information they need to maintain and own automobiles, even though for millions of people cars are an essential part of life. This forces people to rely on dealers and mechanics for even the simplest tasks. We strive to give you the information you need to break this cycle. Chances are, you can do it yourself!

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Latest from the Blog

Frame Off Restoration Update 2 – Install
with No Comments

BIG update! Here’s last weeks progress. Painting The frame is back from the frame shop, and painting is finished! The results I think came out very well. All the paint used on the frame and the body was Rustoleum Professional … Read More

Frame Off Restoration Update 1
with No Comments

A lot has happened since I took the body off in late October, just 3 weeks ago! Here is a summary of what’s been done as part of this frame off restoration after the car was stripped to the bare … Read More

Frame Off Restoration
with 2 Comments

“Well, That Escalated Quickly!”   That expression is really the theme of this event. The time comes in every man’s life to get fed up with all the annoying little issues and just build everything from scratch. That time for … Read More

GM A Body Blinker Repair
with No Comments

his article shows one way to fix GM A Body blinkers for 6 dollars. You can buy a replacement blinker housing, although we don’t all have $100 to fix a simple problem, or often more than one socket needs attention. … Read More

Cutlass Rear Axle Restoration
with 1 Comment

After restoring and painting the rear undercarriage and frame, it became apparent that the rear axle desperately needed the same love and care. It is original to the car and probably worth saving based on that merit. Before Pictures Here … Read More

Cutlass Undercarriage and Fuel Tank Restoration
with No Comments

Over a period about two weeks, in between work and family, I restored the rear undercarriage of the Cutlass. The fuel tank had to be pulled to repair a pinhole leak, and I saw some exposed metal on the floor and … Read More