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Latest from the Blog

Cylinder Head Resurfacing
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How to resurface cylinder heads – At Home! This article probably falls into the category of “Doing the right thing the wrong way.” for some people. This process can also be used to renew and plane other gasket surfaces, such … Read More

FiTech Fuel Injection
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FiTech Install 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme This article walks you through some pointers for installing a TBI fuel injection system in a classic carbureted engine. A FiTech system was used, but other options are available as well, by Holley, Edelbrock, … Read More

Restoration Update 4 – Diagnosing Engine Tick
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The Cutlass Get’s an Engine Tick!   Diagnosing an engine tick is probably the most annoying part of building or maintaining a car. The sounds can be hidden and masked in a number of different ways, and are almost always … Read More

Convertible Top Installation
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This article covers a new convertible top installation on a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible. This is a two piece GM style top common to nearly all A-body cars, including a Chevelle. It also touches on repairing the frame, tacking … Read More

Crusher Cutlass Timelapse Video
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Timelapse video of the Crusher Cutlass restoration.   Video completed March 10th 2017. The frame off restoration occurred between October 21st 2016 and January 31 2017, or about 3 months total, however it was more like a years worth of … Read More

Heater Box Rebuild – GM A Body
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This article walks through a heater box rebuild for a GM A Body car. This write-up was based on our 1972 Cutlass Supreme “The Crusher Cutlass”, although the soft goods are very similar for its sister cars, such as the Chevelle. This … Read More