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Mission Statement

Left Lane Brain was created to make automotive ownership and troubleshooting accessible to everyone! We are dedicated to providing resources which you can rely on to become a self-sufficient and a successful vehicle owner.

Searching for accurate and useful information becomes more and more difficult every day, as the internet fills up with “Click Bait” and misconceptions. Left Lane Brain was inspired by friends and family who believe the world could benefit from a resource dedicated to helping fellow car owners and enthusiasts solve problems on their own, and gain the satisfaction of knowing that the job was done right. Here at Left Lane Brain, we also know that society and our education system does not give people the tools and information they need to maintain and own automobiles, even though for millions of people cars are an essential part of life. This forces people to rely on dealers and mechanics for even the simplest tasks. We strive to give you the information you need to break this cycle. Chances are, you can do it yourself!

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Shop Tips and Tricks
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Let’s be real for a second. We don’t always have the right tool for the job, and things don’t always go as planned. Here is a gem of knowledge and possible solutions from someone that has “been there” and “done … Read More

Toyota MR2 GT – First Post
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This is a Left Lane Brain contributor Ethan’s first car, a 1986 Toyota MR2 GT. Can anyone say… Turbo Swap? The car is clean and was purchased as a project.   Specs: Disc Brakes 5 speed manual transmission Mid Engine … Read More

Ridiculous Things Found When Buying a Used Car
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Three day’s after purchasing “Red Bull’ I got my first chance at looking into the issues that the seller had previously noted and inspect the car in detail. You never know what ridiculous things you’ll find when purchasing an old, … Read More

1972 Olds Cutlass Convertible First Drive
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AKA “Project Tuffy” according to my 5 year old! but we don’t know why. In a leap of faith, I abandoned my plans for building a mean street machine, such as a 1971 Torino sports roof, and veered off into … Read More

1976 Corvette C3 L82 Low Miles! Restored!
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Our Corvette Project is currently for sale! This build was designed to keep the classic feel, but with better performance and higher reliability. We’ve had this car for 7 years, and it puts a smile across our face every time … Read More

Oil and Gas Price – Q2 2016
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For an Overview of how the oil and gas supply chain works and where gasoline and crude oil come from, check out our article Oil and Gas Price – How Does It Work?   Q2 2016 Update   Current Prices … Read More